Presenter Bios….2017 Maine Herbalist Gathering

Lauren pic

Lauren Pignatello is a traditional herbalist , mother of 7 from Whitefield Maine. Owner of Swallowtail Farm and Creamery , producer of dairy and farm products. As well as owner of Milk and Honey of Swallowtail Farm – apothecary and farm cafe in Portland , Maine. Lauren has been using and studying herbs since a teenager. She consults with people in her apothecary, teaches and creates many herbal products for sale.

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Eleanor Baron is a clinical herbalist and VCIH graduate. She offers herbal consultations in Alton, New Hampshire, Montpelier, Vermont and online. Her passion is in the area of Lyme and tickborne disease, working from a core belief that our bodies can heal themselves, with the right support.

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Melanie Rose Scofield  is an herbalist, health educator, and the director and founder of the Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions. In 2005 she completed her trainings with the Global College of Natural Medicine and the Boston School of Herbal Studies, where she currently serves as a guest teacher. She has been leading apprenticeship programs for the past 9 years and her main passion is teaching others to cultivate their innate wisdom and fine tune their own intuitive abilities.

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Tobey Williamson, LAc, DOM is a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and owner of Good Hearth Eastern Medical Arts in Rockland, Maine, Tobey Williamson’s mission is to help you rediscover what it feels like to move freely without pain and to know that your body is built to heal itself. He apprenticed for nearly 5 years under the wise and dedicated master Dr. Chieko Maekawa, who taught him the uniquely effective Seitai Shinpo Japanese Structural Acupuncture. Concurrently he studied Traditional Chinese Medicine with an emphasis on herbalism at the Institute for Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Steve Byers is a Clinical Herbalist in Belfast, ME. While growing up in Vermont, he started learning about herbs and has recently started a practice in Belfast. He has studied with Gail Faith Edwards, David Winston, and at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism. His practice includes custom formulation from 150 plants in bulk herb and tinctures, as well as nutrition and lifestyle coaching. He is currently seeking to relocalize sources of organic herbs to our bioregion and is seeking local growers to support a New England based apothecary.

cassandra pic

Cassandra Sears helps gardens and people to grow together. She has a small gardening business and practices as a clinical herbalist in Southern Maine. She loves adventures in the wilderness with her dog (Jack Pine), medicine-making, and always learning more.

eryn pic

Eryn Klemenz has been drawn to the healing power of plants all along…..from growing up in California with her mother using herbal remedies to choosing in college to study plants, ethnobotany, and holistic healing. Attending numerous herbal conferences on the west coast, there she met Wendy Read, her first chosen teacher to study with. In 2008 she did a 1-on-1 herbal apprenticeship with Wendy at the Caretaker’s Garden in Boonville, CA where she was introduced to a wide array of modalities. One which stuck was the study of making flower essences, which she still utilizes often. After her many travels and getting a taste of a handful of indigenous people’s take on herbs, she has since settled in Maine and continued her development of medicine-making in her home study and in her garden, both for family and for friends. She has co-created an herbal collective where she lives, attends east coast herb conferences, and has recently completed a year long course with Gail Faith Edwards. She sees the unity of personal and planetary healing merged through our sacred re-connection with plants.

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Lauren Cormier is an enthusiast of perennials and woody plants, growing everything from Chinese herbs to Sour Dwarf Cherries and Pitch Pine at her small nursery in Palermo. She grows plants wholesale for Fedco Trees and helps write the annual catalog. Background experience has included cultivation and dry processing of medicinal herbs at Avena Botanicals, landscape gardening with natives for over 15 years, and holistic orcharding. While attending the University of Vermont for an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies, much of the focus was on grassroots agroforestry projects in Central America. Since then she has largely been living back in Maine except for a growing season at the Bullock Nursery on Orcas Island, WA in 2006. Having grown up in the southern part of the state, she has been gardening and admiring the flora of Maine much of her life, and still learning new plants all the time.

Noelle bio pic

Noelle Curtin is a 28 year old herbalist living in the lakes region of southern Maine. She moved to Maine from Delaware in 2014 to raise her two children in Nature, with clean air and clean water. She now runs a business, Vital Herbals, by herself where she creates hundreds of herbal based products a month for people worldwide. When she isn’t creating, she is spending time outside with her children. Her passion is teaching others about the benefits of using the plants that grow wildly around us as medicine.



l jaye pic

L. Jaye Bell  is  owner of Aurora Botanicals and author of “Healing A Paradigm Shift: Home Grown Wellness”A severe fall in October 2013 severed her ankle and caused multiple soft tissue injuries, forcing her to spend a year in a wheelchair, and another on crutches and cane. She also slipped through the cracks of the medical industrial complex to find answers that westernized, reductionistic science based medicine failed to provide. She fired her md’s, ditched the drugs, rejected clinical physical therapy as she favored adaptable tandem kayaking and swimming with Florida manatees and Maine loons. Accessing the power of nature and using remedies made from common spices to heal herself was a hugely empowering experience.


ray reitze bio pic

Ray Reitze  is a master guide in Maine, philosophy teacher and author of And We Shall Cast Rainbows Upon the Land. It is Ray’s calling to teach the ways of wisdom that he learned from “Grandfather”, a MicMac elder. He has dedicated his life to the teachings of love and kindness. In 1988 Ray founded Earthways Guided Canoe Trips and School of Wilderness Living and teaches wilderness skills and philosophy. He encourages us to know who we are and to take the time to be still. Ray brings to the world a gentle ad humble presence that draws all who meet him towards peace, light, and love.

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