To learn about this year’s gathering check our homepage.

The Maine Herbal Gathering centers around classes and workshops for anyone from the plant curious to advanced herbal practitioners. We hope to facilitate new and lasting connections within the Maine herbal community, and create space to honor the wisdom of plants.

Our gathering includes collaborative workshops, hands-on skill sharing, nourishing organic food, plant walks, and more. The event is organized by an ever-evolving group of passionate Maine herb loving people. We are in need of sustaining admin support and looking for folks who want to take on multi-year admin roles that are around 100 hours per year to help support and shape the future of the gathering. We also look for annual support in the form of organizing, volunteering day of and other roles as well. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

Mission Statement

The Maine Herbal Gathering is an annual event where folks can learn about plants and herbal medicine through classes, workshops, and community connection. All are welcome.  This gathering strives to be an inclusive space for people of all genders, races, abilities, orientations, ages, and income levels. We humbly honor the Wabanaki people, of past and present, who are the original protectors and caretakers of this land that we gather on. Through this gathering, we hope to nourish and enrich the long standing tradition of herbalists joining together to share knowledge in community with one another.

Maine Herbal Gathering : Zine 2020

Organized by Denise DeSpirito, Willow Gibson, Heather Daniels Pusey, Stephanie Cesario, and Kaela van Breevoort Reed

Fifth Annual Maine Herbalist Gathering 2019

Organized by Denise DeSpirito, Willow Gibson, and Nyla Bravesnow at Merryspring Nature Center

Fourth Annual Maine Herbalist Gathering 2018

Organized by Willow Gibson, Nyla Bravesnow, Denise DeSpirito at Merryspring Nature Center

Third Annual Maine Herbalist Gathering 2017

Organized by Nyla Bravesnow at Many Hand Hands Farm.

Second Annual Maine Herbalist Gathering 2016

Organizing this year’s gathering: Nyla Bravesnow (Thorndike), Gretchen Piper (Swanville), Caitlin Horigan (Belgrade), Marissa Caminiti (Poland), and Susan Cooper.

Maine Herbalist Gathering 2015

A small group of us in Southern Maine are hoping to revive the tradition of herbalists in Maine gathering together to weave connection, support each others’ work, and learn from one another. We are excited to be planning the Maine Herbalist Gathering for 2015, and we can’t wait to meet you in Augusta on October 17 for a joyful day of celebrating herbal wisdom.

The organizers are: Susan Cooper (Auburn), Cathleen Miller (Portland), Katie Munn (Falmouth), Angel Putney (Cumberland) and Mischa Schuler (Portland). We’d love to hear from you!

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