Woke Without the Work

GROUP RATE PARTICIPATION NOW CLOSED. We have 42 Maine herbalists participating in the course! If you would like to signup for the course it is still available at the individual rate: Woke Without the Work (rootworkherbals.com)


Amanda David and Mandana Boushee created Woke Without the Work (WWW) to educate non-BI&PoC herbalists on how to incorporate antiracism into herbal work. MHG is coordinating a group rate for MHG community members to participate in this online workshop which includes a webinar, a resource list, and tangible action steps. 100% of the funds paid when you sign up go to WWW founders (and if you can contribute more to Amanda & Mandana’s work, consider donating here and here).

MHG is hosting informal discussions to hold each other accountable on the “Next Steps” section of Woke Without the Work, which is on strategies for incorporating antiracism in our herbal work organized by sector– conferences, schools, clinicians, businesses, & students.

The maximum capacity for this MHG WWW group rate is 50 people. The discussion space will be held by MHG volunteers, and your course sign-up helps pay for a live Q & A from WWW founders.

Virtual, informal discussions will feature small & large group conversations. If in-person gathering becomes a safe and viable possibility, there may be an opportunity to be in person together. 


By signing up, you are interested in participating in WWW coursework as well as an informal discussion in 2021 via Zoom (1.5-2 hrs each). Specific dates & time to be announced via email once we collect participants time preferences 

1st discussion May Orienting to the coursework, building connection

2nd discussion: October/November – Holding each other accountable on next steps

The discussion portion is optional–It is OK if you have to miss one, and you can participate as you are able! children, babies, pets, and all your supportive beings are welcome. this is an informal space of plantlovers.

Zoom discussion organizers/cofacilitators: Steph Cesario, Kaela van Breevort Reed

We are not racial justice educators//facilitators. As white women+ we inherently center whiteness even in pursuit of antiracism. This is a platform for Maine herbalists to purchase the work of BI&PoC herbal educators, and to hold each other accountable in our learning.


Due to our current volunteer capacity, we unfortunately cannot offer much accessibility support such as closed captioning and translation. Participation requires internet connection (either by phone or computer). 

5 needs-based scholarships are available – first come first serve basis, email maineherbalgathering@gmail.com for scholarship code 

Thank you to LICHEN CENTER for offering scholarship support!


Goals of this space: 

  • using WWW coursework to learn strategies for incorporating antiracism in our Maine herbal work
  • building group accountability 
  • nurturing a network for mobilization & reparative action – following the lead of BI&PoC herbalists and supporting BI&PoC-led herbal justice initiatives in “Maine.”

This will evolve according to the collective direction of the group. 

Questions? Write to maineherbalgathering@gmail.com with “Woke Without the Work” or “WWW” in Subject line.


MHG organizing support: Denise DeSpirito, Willow Gibson, Heather Daniels Pusey